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Royal Sunbeams is a part of Sunbeam Ministries.  For more information about Sunbeam Ministries, please visit us here:

The Royal Sunbeams are miniature horses who bring light into the lives of those who need emotional sunshine. They are available to visit hospitals, long-term care facilities for the elderly, hospice facilities, group homes, shelters, schools, children’s facilities and many other settings. Their small size and quiet demeanor make them easily accessible and nonthreatening. They are exposed to many different settings and interact well with people from all walks of life.

Royal Sunbeams is a charitable organization dedicated to bringing light into the lives of those who need. It is a simple organization financially dependent only on the contributions of those who believe in its purpose. No charge is made for bringing the Royal Sunbeams into the lives of the people they touch.

The Royal Sunbeams
The Royal Sunbeams

"Let your light so shine ..." ~ Matthew 5:16


Royal Sunbeams

A Division of Sunbeam Ministries:

145 Henderson Place Drive      Gaffney, SC 29341


Rev. Faith Nettleton-Scherer, Administrator